Putting people first is why we exist

We're a small group of doctors and business leaders who created C19 Testing because we believed that people deserved transparency, honesty and certainty when having to take unfamiliar tests in uncertain times.

We believe that there is a "right" way to provide testing that puts people ahead of profits. Everything we do is orientated around delivering a great service that protects our customers.

Dr Claire Merrifield


Claire is a GP in London. Claire’s undergraduate degree was related to infectious disease in animals and humans and her doctorate thesis at Imperial College London looked at the interactions between probiotics, the immune system and gut metabolism.

Claire has a particular interest in the link between microbes and human health.

Dr Alasdair Scott


Alasdair received his medical degree and PhD from Imperial College London and has trained as a surgeon in London.

Alasdair is a Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Imperial College London and is involved in research into the interactions between micro-organisms and human health.

Nick Burnett


Nick spent over a decade as a M&A advisor to healthcare and pharmaceutical companies with PwC. He is specialised in the operating models across all business functions, with a keen focus on financial performance.

Prior to PwC, Nick worked in industry in joint ventures, business development and sales and marketing roles.

We're advocates for responsible medical testing and have the following guiding principles:

Indication: We will give clear information on who a test is recommended for and why it is recommended.

Evidence: All the tests we offer are routinely used by doctors in the UK and have appropriate regulatory approval.

Necessity: We will never recommend that tests are performed more often than is necessary.

Quality: We only partner with laboratories that are accredited and regulated for tests they perform.

Interpretation: We will always provide the information you need to interpret your results and take appropriate action.

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